RVRS (reverse)

The idea came to me during a workout session. While looking at the mirror for posture, the writing on my graphic tee was backwards. Then I thought, wouldn't it be cool to be able to read your shirt while your work out? Woldn't it be better if the writing was something to motivate you to achieve higher? That's when RVRS was created.

Company values and commitments

Be good to people, to the environment, and to our employees. Help communities in need and try to make the world a better place

Hire employees from communities in need

Pay employees a comfortable living wage

Maintain a fair balance between executives and employee salaries

Future roadmap

- Sell first t-shirt

- Attain consistent monthly sells to move operations to a commercial building

- Hire first employee

- Partner with a non-profit organizations that aligns with our values

Contact us

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